Our Manufactured Home/Dwelling Fire Market is Expanding its Reach!

Through AUI’s partnership with Aegis General Insurance Agency, Inc., agents can rate, quote, issue, and have servicing capability on Manufactured Home/Dwelling accounts directly with an “A” rated A.M. Best Co. carrier! Note that this market is now eligible in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 territories.

Now available in AZ, IN, KS, MS, NM, NV, NY, OK, PA, SC, and VA, as well as CA, GA, IL, MO, and TN.

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  • No volume commitment, no fees, rate, quote and issue out of your office!
  • Coastal and Inland business, wide open, no capacity issues
  • Commissions: 10% New Business, 8% Renewals
  • Occupancies- Owner, Seasonal, Rental and Tenants
  • Dwelling Fire Guidelines
  • Manufactured Homes Guidelines
  • Value- up to $300,000 TIV (varies by geography)
  • Protection Class- All are acceptable
  • Age of Home- All are acceptable
  • Dog Breeds- All are acceptable (varies by geography)
  • Prior Claims- Other than fire, theft or liability loss, applicants can have multiple minor losses and remain eligible for coverage


Coverage Characteristics:

  • Rental Units
  • Older homes that are structurally sound
  • Lower-value homes that are well maintained
  • Homeowners who take pride in ownership by following routine maintenance and update schedules


Appointed agents can learn more about Aegis in our On-Demand training: View Now!

For assistance, please contact: 888-376-9633, ext. 2026