Appalachian Underwriters’ Lend A Hand During Winter Storm Uri

Insurance representatives located in Dallas offer aid to those in need.

Last week, a severe cold front came down from the North Pole and swept across the nation. Record snowfall and low temperatures froze society in its tracks. The temperature descended rapidly, and water pipes froze and exploded across the southwest, causing businesses to close and residents to evacuate. By midweek, over 70 percent of the lower 48 States were covered in snow. Millions were displaced due to power outages, making it difficult to say warm.

Armando Duran, a marketing representative with Appalachian Underwriters, Inc., (AUI) was taken back by the intensity of the storm. “I have never seen anything like this and saw a lot of people suffer because of it.” said Duran. “No water, no electricity…it was extremely cold for them.” Armando was fortunate enough to keep his water and power. Throughout the week, he provided transportation to those stranded as well as donate firewood to people without power so they could stay warm. “I felt like I needed to do something to help out those in need and I did what I could.” Duran also allowed those who were without power and water to stay with he and his wife in their home.

Snow covers Terry Holley’s pool in Dallas, TX after Winder Storm Uri; Feb 19, 2021

Winter Storm Uri may have moved on, but the aftermath of what he left behind is devastating. Many of the amenities that are seen as necessities were taken away.

“[The storm] highlighted how reliant we are on services like internet, electricity and gas.” said Terry Holley, Regional Manager with AUI. He has lived in Dallas for the past 41 years. He and his wife housed those with busted pipes and no water. They also loaned their personal generator to help give power to those without. “We know many families who’s houses dropped into the 30’s and even fireplaces were not enough to stay warm. It was truly a difficult time for so many and we were so fortunate to have a warm place.”

Collapsed ceiling in Dallas, TX after Winder Storm Uri; Feb 19, 2021. Residents stayed with Terry Holley after storm.

As power and water are slowly being restored to Dallas and the many communities in Texas, Armando and Terry continue to lend a hand to those in need.