Meet the New Host for our AUI Speaks Webcasts!

Meet the new host of our AUI Speaks webcasts – Howard Sampsell! Known as our National Marketing Representative, he will now also be sharing his knowledge of our products and services with co-hosts starting this month.

For those who have not tuned in, these 15 to 30-minute casual conversations with Directors, Underwriters, Brokers, and Marketing Representative focus on our latest products, markets, and successes, as well as how to place business, best practices in the industry, and what events we will be attending in your area.

Links to these webcasts will be posted on all of our social media pages, including LinkedIn, Facebook (@AppalachianUnderwritersInc), and Twitter (@AUISpeaks), every other Friday at 11:00 AM EST on corresponding Fridays. Email subscribers will also receive an invitation at that same time.

Listen to our latest sessions at, and be on the lookout for upcoming episodes, including Security Guards, High Mod Workers’ Compensation risks, Snow Removal, and Cyber Liability.