Introducing the 2nd Generation Xpress Comparative Rater for Residential Risks!

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AUI is pleased to announce our 2nd generation “Xpress” comparative rater for complicated residential property insurance throughout the US. The program is backed by multiple Lloyd’s syndicates, while offering: competitive pricing, multiple premium credits, Coverage A values from $25K ACV to Full Replacement Cost to $10MM TIV on referral. We have three carriers implemented when we go live and six more approved to be added, making this one of the best MGA quoting platforms in the marketplace!

What you need to know:

Our previous direct website URLs, and, will point to the new system, with an updated path to log in through our portal. Additionally, there is a chat feature available if you get hung up at any point.

The Legacy System can still be accessible from the new system, through the “Legacy System” button. New quoting from the Legacy System will be disabled on 12/1/20. Existing quoted released are good for 30 days, so if you need to send a quote in, we will issue it off the new system. Any renewal or future effective policy already bound on the old system will be reissued on the new system with the same coverages and premiums. All future renewals will be emailed off the new system. Please note: The reservation of effective dates is going away on the new system, and effective dates will be honored as mentioned previously as those quotes sunset.

State Availabillity:

HO3, New – HO5, HO6, & DP3 –

  • Serving Inland Territories of AL, GA, IL, LA, MO, MS, NC, SC, TN, TX, & VA
  • Serving Coastal Counties in AL, FL*, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TX, & VA; *Monroe County
  • BRIT Commissions: 12% New and Renewal, 10% for FL New and Renewal
  • Canopius Commissions: 10% New and Renewal
  • Hiscox Commissions: 12% New and 10% Renewal
DP1 & HO8
  • Serving Inland Territories of AL, FL, GA, IL, MO, MS, NC, SC, & TN
  • Serving Coastal Counties in AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, & SC; 1+ mi. to coast eligible, 2+ mi. in AL and Tri-County FL
  • BRIT Commissions: 12.5% New and Renewal


HO3, HO5, HO6, & DP3 –

  • Cov A $150K to $5MM on referral; Tri-County FL is $250K min.
  • Wind always included in coastal areas
  • No distance to coast restrictions, carriers may not return rate under <1 mi.
  • Primary, Secondary, and Seasonal; Tenant; Short-Term Rental; Vacant available on DP1 form
  • 13 optional endorsements
  • Multiple losses, short-term lapses, and non-renewals considered
  • PC 1-8
  • LLCs and Trusts accepted
  • 1945 and newer homes
  • No bankruptcy, except for BRIT HO3

DP1 & HO8 –

  • ACV policies
  • Cov A from $25K – $250K
  • Wind included in coastal areas: 1+ mi. to coast eligible, 2+ mi. in AL and Tri-County FL; when less than these distances to the coast, wind will be excluded
  • Designed for older or lower value homes
  • Owner and Tenant occupied
  • Vacant now eligible on the DP1 form
  • Bankruptcy now eligible
  • LLCs and Trusts accepted
  • Up to 2 Losses within last 3 years
  • PC 1-10

For more information, please call 888-376-9633, ext. 2048 to speak with a member of our Personal Lines Team.

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