New Admitted and Direct Billed Commercial Package Policy!

Commercial Specialty

Introducing a new admitted and direct billed Commercial Package Policy! Package includes Commercial General Liability, Commercial Property, and Commercial Umbrella.

Available in: AL, KS, MO, OK, SC, TN

Eligible Risks include:

  • Apartments and Condos
  • Auto Service
  • Bars and Taverns
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Builders Risk
  • Commercial Condos
  • Contractors Storage and Tools
  • Delicatessens and Restaurants
  • Distribution Centers and Warehouses
  • Gas Stations/Convenience Stores
  • Hair, Nail, and Beauty Salons
  • Hardware Stores
  • Hotel/Bed and Breakfast
  • Houses of Worship
  • Lessors Risk
  • Light Manufacturing and Textiles
  • Offices/Office Complexes
  • Pet Services
  • Rental Centers
  • Retail Stores
  • Social Clubs/Civic Halls
  • Strip Malls
  • Wholesalers



  • Property: Up to $35M per Structure/Fire Division, up to $100M per fire site
  • Liability: $500/$500, $500/$1M, $1M/$2M
  • Umbrella: $1M – $10M


Wind, Hail, Flood, and Earthquake coverages negotiable given risk profile.


For more information, please contact:

Matt Fleming


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