New Garage Submission Email and Contest: Put some Horsepower behind your next Account!

Commercial Specialty, Garage

Rev up your Garage quotes with this new Garage submission email address:

Submissions received with sufficient information sent to this address will receive priority handling. If all required documents are received within 2 hours before closing, SAME DAY TURNAROUND*!

Along with the introduction of a new email address, AUI Garage has a Summer Production Bonus going on NOW!

  • Garage line of business only (or property when packaged with Garage)
  • Bonus to be paid will be 2% of the Garage premium active paid policies as of October 1st
  • Qualifying premium $25,000 (taxes and fees do not count)
  • Policies with effective dates from June 1, 2018 through August 31, 2018


Below is a link to the form to keep track of business- just list as you bind! On September 1st, send the completed form to Business must be paid and in effect on October 1st. Our Garage team will verify the list and, prior to the end of October, AUI will mail the corresponding bonus.

Policy List Form

Submit Now!

Fax Submissions to: 866-914-6753



*Same day turnaround cannot apply to those classes which have to be submitted to carrier; those usually take 24-48 hours

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