AUI Develops Exclusive Monoline Sewer Back-Up and Sump Pump Overflow Product


Appalachian Underwriters has developed a Monoline Sewer Back-Up and Sump Pump Overflow product, exclusive to appointed agents. Offered through AUI Brokerage and available in all 50 states, this product covers a wide range of occupancy classes including habitational, lessor’s risk, restaurants, and much more!

“This coverage is typically excluded under most admitted and even some non-admitted policies,” said Mark Arnold, Brokerage Division Director.

Other coverage highlights include:

  • Consideration for accounts with previous losses
  • Business Income is available
  • Endorsements for off premise power failure
  • Coverage for damaged pipes and excavation


“A good example of coverage in action,” explains Aaron Reilly, Property and Casualty Broker, “A condo association’s property excluded sewer back-up when brown water filled a lower unit. Additionally, the association has a special assessment to all unit owners for the cost to repair the drywall and excavate pipes from the parking lot. The agent’s E&O policy responded.”

 For more information, please contact:

Aaron Reilly – Property and Casualty Broker


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