Appalachian Underwriters develops New Public Entity Product


Appalachian Underwriters is pleased to announce that we have developed a Public Entity product within our Brokerage department. AUI Public Entity will focus on hard-to-place law enforcement/police professional risks, including police departments, sheriff agencies, other public safety organizations and educational institutions. This coverage is provided with an A.M. Best Rating of A- VIII with a minimum premium of $10,000 and standard deductible of $25,000.

Target Classes serving 100,000 population:

  • Law enforcement
  • Other public safety organizations including:
    • Alcohol Beverage-Control Boards
    • Building Authorities
    • Colleges/Universities
    • Emergency Communications
    • Housing Authorities
    • Parks & Recreation
    • Penal Institutions or Facilities
    • Post/Airport Authorities
  • Distressed/hard-to-place accounts, including those with claim activity


The Educational Institution/School Board Liability coverage targets distressed/hard-to-place educational institution risks that are typically non-renewed  due to claim activity or having other tough characteristics. Targeting small to mid-size accounts with around 5,000 student population.

  • Wrongful Act
  • Employment Practices
  • Primary
  • Excess limits are available up to $5,000,000 on eligible accounts


“With recent developments in the press, Law Enforcement Professional Liability is becoming more difficult to place, especially for police departments serving populations less than 100,000. AUI Brokerage Department has the answer,” said Mark Arnold, AUI Brokerage Director.

For more information, please contact:

Charlotte FinverBroker




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